Monday, August 8, 2011


He whimpered and turned in circles, begging me not to " do this" when we arrived. We had enjoyed conversations of sorts halfway through our 11 hour drive, but he began to get odd from then on.....making random statements and getting more and more confused. By the time we arrived, he was in full blown paranoia, convinced that I was leaving him in some kind of hospital, I think. After 11 hours of driving, and caring for him as well as I could, I was done, wiped out, exhausted. Our daughter's chipper voice was full of happy anticipation when she called and asked, " are you really here?". The sound of her normal happy voice finished me off and I lost it. She asked to speak with him and then proceeded to drive over. She arrived within 10 minutes. Speaking to her quieted him, and by the time she arrived, he was reasonable again...not good, but ok. She spent the night with us in our motel room and I think it helped him. I know it helped me.
He has gradually adjusted to our surroundings over the past week. Not only has he NOT asked anyone who I am, as we left to go see our daughter's show, he announced, "you know, you are a very beautiful woman!"

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  1. Sometmes the lord gives, not only just what you can handle, but also what you need for your own development. This whole process has been helping my control issues. I can't plan for this, so I am desperately trying to morph into the yogi being in the moment.